My Pencil-themed Windows Cursor Set

My Pencil-themed Windows Cursor Set

My best work is here, on my Realworld Graphics profile page.

So, yeah. I made a pencil-themed cursor set for Windows. And I’m putting it on my website, because it’s awesome. 🙂

Click here to download set ZIP ( no viruses, I promise)

Note: The animations here are a little faster than the actual cursors they correspond to. But that can’t really be helped.

Here are some previews of the cursors:

Normal select:normal

Help select: help

Working in background: pencil-working

Busy: busy

Precision select: precision

Text select: text (animated- pencil flips up to ‘writing’ position, then stays on that frame)

Handwriting: handwriting (same as text select, but without vertical grey line)

Unavailable: unavail

Vertical resize: vert

Horizontal resize: hor

Diagonal resize 1: diag1

Diagonal resize 2: diag2

Move: move

Alternate select: alt (I have never, in my entire life, actually seen the alt select cursor used in Windows, but oh well.)

Link select: link

If the link select image doesn’t animate ( and it might not), then this is what it looks like: link


So that’s my cursor set. Yaaaay.