Anyone Out There Ever Heard of RPG Maker VX?

Anyone Out There Ever Heard of RPG Maker VX?

So. I make games. Yeah. And if anybody else with RPG Maker VX happens to stumble upon this website by mistake looking for something else, then I’m going to be awesome, just for you. All right?


I have made a *working* Creeper in RPG Maker, using the graphic sheet shown below. To use it, save the image (right-click & hit Save As, whatever you do), then go into the editor for the game you

want and import it to the Characters folder in the Resource Manager. Now for the event. Set it to follow the player and be triggered by Event Touch. In the actions sheet, make it show

an explosion animation of your choice, wait fifteen, twenty frames and decrease player HP by, I used 1000. Then, set the graphic, press Apply and Ok, save and try it.

Character graphic sheet for Creeper in RPG Maker